Friday, 3 July 2020

Candle Making and Cave Painting

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Extract 'The Nix' by Nathan Hill about the Chauvet cave painting, some of the oldest paintings ever found 'The really interesting thing is what happened when they carbon dated the place. They found pictures in the same room painted six thousand years apart. They looked identical.'

Rock Painting
So ugh I am so glad lockdown is sort of easing. Its nice to finally start doing stuff with our friends. One of my friends came round and we did some cave painting. I basically found this craft kit in my cuboard which we got from a cave in France called Lascoux. Anyway considering it had been in there for ages I decided to do it when my friend TJ came round.

So yeah we did some powder painting. I don't think either of us were particularly enthralled by the activity. I started banging out knowledge about cave painting and we watched some short documentaries while we did it. I went to the woods with him and placed the little octopus (top left corner) down, but apparently when my friend went a week later it had been taken. 

Banksy Peckham Rock 2005 Source


On another day I made candles with TJ. It wasn't the most relaxing craft, you sort of have to be quite quick and from the results you can tell we buckled under the pressure. I feel like my second attempt is going to be pretty good, I think I've worked out what not to do. So yeah really fun. I've made candles before with my sister but they were in jars and not pillar candles, you can read here. I so want to have another attempt at these. Anyway its been really fun doing these activites.

Lots of love ruby x

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Wake Up The Light

Ala Tino Le Mori

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I'm happy I was born in this generation just because I really cannot stand card games. I know people still play them but I just think if I was born like 30 years earlier I would have to play them more than I do now. 

I saw this sandpit on a walk with my friend. I was very tempted to take it and use it as a drinks bucket.

Alfs Shed Night
Friday night I got invited round to my friends shed. Really nice evening actually. I learnt that crisps sell by dates are always a Saturday which is an interesting fact. Anyway really nice evening. Umm yeah. We walked to Blythe hill and omg guys I saw the Northern Lights. It was a cute moment. Anyway I walked back home with Hermi and TJ. Yeah really nice evening.

‘Billie is your second name Jean or Granger?’

So I've been feeling a bit bleh you know. Just been feeling really fatigued blah blah. Anyway I made some napkins one day for university. I made them from a book 'Debbie Shore Half Yard Home'. You're probably so confused but yeah I thought it would be cute, so I made two. Their insides are contrasting and then I've done a lace trim around the outside. I know its not the most complicated sewing pattern but none the less I am really pleased with how these turned out. 

'She gave me a rosary in-between round 1 and round 2'

Supermarket Cafés
You know I really like supermarket cafes. Like I actually think they are always such a treat. My dad bangs Lakeland Kedgeree. Waitrose Welsh Rarebit is the one I bang. Yeah guys let me know what supermarket speciality you like! Such a random question. My mum just reminded me of ‘Booths’ which is a supermarket Chain in the north of England. Omd the kids lunch 🤤🤤

What I’ve been Watching?
Netflix Uncut Gems: This was a good watch actually. Quite gripping and yeah just a good film. Nice one to watch with the family. Also do you like the top my dad got 😂 so funny.

Murder In The Carpark: So I live in South London as you may know already, anyway this murder took place fairly near to where I live about 30 years prior. Daniel Morgan was murdered in a carpark by an axe. This documentary is on Channel 4, although I'm telling you now, its really hard to understand. Maybe thats the trick, confuse us so much that it never gets solved.

Joanne Lees Murder In The Outback: This is also on Channel 4. This I would recommend because its really mysterious and yeah it is produced in a way which is quite gripping with lots of twists and turns.

Okay adore you!
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Monday, 8 June 2020

Four Undies In A Vauxhaul: What I've been watching and mini haul

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Sorry I haven't posted tbh I've actually had nothing to say. Well I have but not stuff I'd actually want to share you know. I cant force it you know, it wont let you. I feel like when I open up things become heavy and gloomy you know, people don't want to read that. What I mean is when you put feelings into words they become heavy and clumsy you know. I think its one of them things though you have to keep at it even when its not going too well. Also I don't know I've just been having a long think about how I can add value to peoples lives which I know I can do.

Topshop Haul
Aww I had some vouchers which admittedly I've had for quite a while for shopping so I put in an order. A girl can treat to herself.

Oh yeah this is something I want to say; I really don't want my blog to come off as superficial, I'm just going to stop there because I will then just ramble. I know that its sort of a quick win in terms of blogging to do hauls and um look books and other similar topics but its not me. Its just frivolous to me, however every now and again I do like to show off my purchases as I would do if you were my sisters you know because its fun.

I can see why people are scared to approach me.

Aw guys I got this tarot top which is so cute, tbh its more dominated by bingo slips um yeah I guess that's fun. I've actually never gone to a bingo I know there is a really cool bingo hall in Elephant and Castle South London. So guys maybe I can drag TJ along to bingo and wear my bingo top. Yeah I'm pleased with this it looks really cute. 

Cherry knickers so I could get free shipping.

I'm a bit apprehensive about the shorts tbh, I will get lots of ware out of them. They're just quite bright but I think we can pull them off. I got a size 10 in everything.

What I've been watching?

Baptiste BBC Iplayer: This was a good series to watch its a spin off of a show called 'The Missing' which I also really enjoyed. They're like contained series so you don't need to watch the others to watch one if that makes any sense. Its a mystery and yeah its quite good, glad I watched it. 

Snowpiercer Netflix: I was watching this on Netflix, they haven't released all the episodes yet but I've watched the first 3. I just googled it and it gets pretty bad reviews but I found it entertaining, I found it gripping and yeah good. Its based off of a graphic Novel which is probably going to get added to my reading list. 

Filthy Rich Netflix: Ugh this is well worth the watch. Its very eye opening and interesting. Ugh shocking really shocking. I embarrassingly called it Dirty Money.

Today I was just doing errands, had a bike ride and watched undateables. I read a book about Whitby Jet, so yeah got lots of interesting knowledge there. Jet is a type of gem which is black but I'm saving the facts for another day, I have lots up my sleeve. 

Why you're lonely right now!
i watched this really well done YouTube video by a lady called Dorian. Anyway its about loneliness and its really good. I recommend you watch it. Its sort of deep. Here it is.

Last Note- 'Who Watches the Watchmen?'
This is derived from a Latin phrase but it embodies the concept that its hard to hold those in power accountable. This is a really tricky thing that transcends centuries and that why its so important that people continue to speak about George Floyd.

So I just want to continue to say how saddened I am by the death of George Floyd because I know this was a bit of a fun blogpost but I think its important to just continue talking about it. Its just incredibly sad and this institutionalised racism is just not okay, its horrible.


Okay stay safe sweeties!
Happy Hippo x

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Aesthetic and Intertextuality in Killing Eve Series 3

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Everyone has been liking my last Killing Eve Aesthetic post, so yeah I'm glad we liked it. Anyway I actually have loads of notes from series 3 so I thought I would share and write a post for series 3. Okay I'm just going to jump into it otherwise I just blab on about nothing.

You know when Villanelle is in London/ coming to london or whatever in episode 3 series 3 and she goes to the Teddy shop its sort of meant to be like a 'Build-A-Bear' type shop. So yeah I think that's a really fun reference and if you haven't read my post on sort of creepy toys, here it is.

American Gothic 1930 Grant Wood

Guys I sort of thought when I was watching episode 4 when we're in the farm in Poland. It sort of evokes the painting American Gothic by Grant Wood. It is actually not that much of a stretch at all because it is quite a famous painting.  I think the effect of this intertextuality is that it makes it more eary. Also a parallel between the two texts is that in the painting its sort of ambiguous the relation between the two people (I think its actually father and daughter) and similarly in this scene the identity of the lady is a bit unknown too. 

So apparently Russia hosted the Olympics in 1980. Um yeah so I really liked the gritty flashback scene to 1974 in episode 1. Very grim and grey. I love that sort of communist vibe. There are loads of like soviet sports centre pics online which are very similar to the look.

I was looking at images of the derelict Eshera Sports Complex in a book I have. It looks so cool. I so want to go back to eastern Europe, its such an interesting place.

Also its been reported in the last few years about corruption in Russian sports teams. So then there is like a theme of corruption. 

I feel like the clowns is another example of sort of intertextuality. Clowns are show in texts as being very sinister, so for example in IT I think the clown is called Pennywise. The serial killer John Wayne Gacy used to dress as a clown. Yeah so obviously its very fitting.

This is crazy disturbing but Gacy used to paint pictures. This is an example that actually went up for auction which omg this sort of memorabilia is something I so need to google. Anyway there is so much more I could say about clowns.

I think clowns are weird one just because like they are more often portrayed as being creepy and sinister than being nice and fun. Its an interesting one, you know. I once went to a small circus in France and their were like little cats riding bikes and doing tricks, it was very very cute. I feel like France has a lot of clowns and circuses so it was sort of fitting that this scene was set in France.

I was really trying to think of some intertextuality for episode 5 where she reunited with her family. Tbh I didn't love this series but this was quite a memorable episode. I had to put in this clip from the film 'The Bourne Supremacy', its my favourite film series. Anyway I love this scene its really cute and gritty, I actually am just putting it in for the sake of it. In this scene he is trying to make amends for what he did by confessing to the girl whose parents he killed. I don't think this episode evokes this at all, so I'm not sure why I putting it in. Okay just move on Ruby.

Wallace Collection Armoury Source

Anyway guys I hope you have enjoyed this post. If I think of anymore ideas I shall add them to this post. Guys I honestly disliked this series, just a bit of a flop in my opinion.

Happy Hippo x

Thursday, 4 June 2020

What I Got For My 19th Birthday!

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Hope you guys are well and not too bored! I thought I would go through what I got for my birthday. Even though I was treated so nicely by friends and family my intent is not to show off you know, even though I was treated. 

What I Got From My Parents:

Guys I got loads of handy uni stuff to take with me when I hopefully go to university in September. So this includes Kitchen stuff like a peeler, grater, scissors, can opener and some pastel spatulas and stirrers (not the only stirrer I encountered on my birthday).

I got an electric kettle for my herbal tea breaks and a pink Moomin bowl and mug set, soo cute. I might just set up a kitchenette in my current bedroom, buy one of them little children's kitchen play sets.

From my parents I was gifted some padded cycling undies. I'm going to look like Kim K you know, no I'm kidding I promise you I will not be wearing these for fashion purposes. I also got some wireless Beats which I'm so happy about because I have gone without working headphones for a long time. Its actually a bit tragic but if I'm walking home alone at night I will sing to myself for entertainment but now I have working headphones whoo. I also got a Hoola Hoop which my friends really enjoyed playing with. Apparently its good if you want abs. 

I also got some really cute accessories from my parents. I got some pearl hairclips which are very classic, aswell as a little crop top which is lovely actually and a matching scrunchie. Aww cute. I'm so happy with these bits. I have loads of scrunchies but this one feels really nice quality and the top aww I'm so happy. I've got a little 90s matching set. I was also gifted Caudalie 'essentials', which smell soo good, I feel indulged. ♡

How amazing are these Hello Kitty biscuits that my friend molly made?

My friends: my friends were so generous thought I would just mention what they gifted. They were all so generous in bringing wine and munch to the party. So thoughtful. My friend made me a friendship bracelet (which so puts mine to shame) as well as bringing some maraschino cherries to jazz up our drinks. Oh another friend got me a candle making set, I have made candles before with my sister but this is going to up our game up a bit. I cant wait for a friend to do it with me. Oh lovely TJ got me roses which so cute, first time getting flowers, I feel a bit classy. He has a tattoo of a rose so that's cute.


Aww my sister so treated me. She got me a face mask and body scrub, so I'm all ready for a pamper night. Also these really cute matches which is lipsticks, its an interesting concept, sort of looking forward to trying these. She also got me a little ribbon friendship bracelet which translates to baby love. Also this teeny lavender bag, so cute and perfect to go in my bag. I'm always complaining about how my bag smells, so this should solve the problem.

Anyway I hope you found this interesting or fun to read. I was actually so treated, I'm so fortunate. Its birthday season for a lot of my friends so I need to be equally nice to them
Love you guys x

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Monday, 1 June 2020

Black Lives Matter!! x

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I just want to say how sad I am for George Floyd and his family and community. Its so brutal and cruel ughh. Sending you love! Sign the petitions. Sorry I'm not good at articulating myself but its so not okay you know, so make sure you sign the petitions. Especially when you read how the incident began, over a supposedly counterfeit note which is just frivolous for someone to lose their life over. Its just not okay. Life is too short. Once again sending you love x 

Happy hippo x

Saturday, 23 May 2020

How I am Glowing Up in Lockdown

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I am sort of thinking we are on the last part of lockdown, obviously just speculation. So if you've done not much so far, its actually not too late to make a positive impact on your life for when this is over. Anyway as you know I took a break from blogging while they were fixing the glitch. Anyway I was thinking of a new direction for my blog which is about inspiring you to improve your life you know, enriching your lives. I always want to be authentic, I don't want you to think I'm phony or shallow.

Keeping Busy
Yeah I look a bit freaky here but I have been keeping busy, I've made brownies, elderflower cordial and I made a cheese cake for my dads birthday. I have a few more things I want to make. Yeah cant wait.

Appearance and Clothing
Fashion: Everyone seems to be addicted to online shopping which sort of reminds me of this Carol Ann Duffy poem. Anyway I haven't actually been guilty of this because I have no money to do this as I haven't actually been paid. I do however have some new additions to my wardrobe. I honestly don't need anything else, I feel very complete. I did actually do like a 'summer wishlist' which you can read here but I mean I have everything I want and sort of need so yeah.

Yeah very pleased with my new additions

If anyone has a little sister whose a size 6 ish, let me know I have loads of clothes for them. They're just that little bit too small but they are quite nice if I say so myself and yeah no charity shops are open. Also its always so fun when you get a bag of someone's old clothes. I did a blog post (read here) where I tried on the clothes someone gave me and I actually wear them all a lot. So yeah I have a bag of clothes size 6 waiting for a lovely new owner.

Yeah that is about it, I don't want to be too superficial you know. I wouldn't mind getting my hair cut into a side bang after this is all over, I know that's quite specific. Other than that sort of content, its more of a lifestyle glow up.

Cycling: So yeah I am keeping myself busy with a spot of cycling. I'm so awkward about it, a bit shit ngl but its alright. I keep on getting beeped by angry drivers but tbh I try my best, you cant please everyone

Aww I had a cute day out cycling to Greenwich and through London on my own, yeah really fun. Its nice to feel independent. I've also been really liking my bike rides to Selsdon. 

Yoga: I have been doing a bit of yoga with my mum which has been totes cute. Yeah fun and now the weather is hot I promised my friend we would go to the park and do some yoga with them. So yeah I really look forward to that. I have yet to follow any YouTube yoga videos which I so need to do. Yeah exciting.

So I was watching... I was very bored so I was watching Jennifer Lopez and Shakira superbowl halftime performance. So I was watching it and omg I want to embody their energy, they're so gorgeous. So yeah I've been following some cardio routines on YouTube. I find inspiration in all sorts of things and its like yeah inspiration is everywhere. So yeah ideas are sort of forming in my head. Also YouTube really has nearly everything, it is such a good resource.

This is the sort of energy you know glowing with confidence. Omg Nancy Sinatra always reminds me of hols in France because we always used to listen to her CD in the car. I never put two and two together that she was the daughter of Frank Sinatra. 

'She Only felt safe on planes'
Its a stupid quote I heard it on a documentary about the Guggenheins. Anyway I sort of liked it. I broke up with someone and I'm so sad. I was going to write something really awww but like it would be in the hope they are reading, but they're not reading. They don't do that because they're stronger than me. You know what I mean? Like I'm delusional with hope.

I am hopefully going to attend university next year to study English, so excited yeah. Whoo. I'm really nervous but really excited to learn and improve my life.

Omg I was watching this really cool video, where lovely Dave and Mark explore this really cool mansion which they theorize may have been a high class brothel. Its very mysterious. Really cool video. Really cute channel actually.

Obviously sorry I haven't been posting much recently its literally because I have nothing on. Its nice to take a break and just recoup my thoughts. 

Lots of love Happy Hippo x