Sunday, 23 February 2020

Made a Meal and Thru it up on Sunday

↑I saw that on someone's snapchat.

So Friday night I went to the pub with some mates and I wore my new dress. Omg it looked so good. I just felt so sexy and confident. Anyway it was good fun at the pub.

Pretty laid back. Yeah just good fun. I went up the disabled lift again on my way out, I felt so like sassy. I don't know just going up the lift, I felt like really cool like. I had a bit of a mad walk home. The usual things.

I couldn't squeeze us all into the pic hahah.

So I went shopping on Saturday with my parents just in Covent Garden Soho area and I was flipping through the racks and I saw this top. Is it a message? Like what is it trying to tell me? Move on from what?

 It's time to move on?
My parents really wanted me to have this Fiorucci x Adidas swimsuit so they brought it for me. I really look like I have a wedge but no its a cool look. I don't know if I have the body for high cut look. Now I need to book a hol, I really want to go on hols with my boyfriend. You know what I was saying about the oranges in Sicily or whatever. Oh my mum also brought me some undies... yeah really interesting. 

Yeah we went for Chinese. Yeah really cute day actually.

I think I know what I need to move on from. Awwww.

Love you all guys xxx

Friday, 21 February 2020

Cherry Berries For Me and You

Oh hey guys x


Hermit Crab had a gathering at hers on Monday night after work. yeah it was actually a cute evening. It was fun just vibing at hers. We played ring of fire and we also played Roxanne. Felix's version of Ring of Fire is better than mols.

How can you mistake a cat for a human?

 Crying her eyes out she is.
 'Petting a cat', huh?

Also guys I now have a gay bestie.

Everyone in my family has warm feet when they die.

I went out to the woods on Tuesday with someone but I lowkey felt a bit drained, like empty and negative. I just felt dry. Like just you know like Monday night when I had to eat my MacDonalds chips without sauce because everyone stole the sauce sachets. Its so annoying when they only give you like two sachets and you ordered so much. I felt depressed like the filét o fish had no flavour. You know when you just feel pure joy and you don't look at the clock you're just happy.

Never go to some muddy woods in a pair of kitten heels.

It's like when I was younger and I had a friend round, we would hide once her mum arrived to pick her up because we were like having so much fun. Like we used to fucking hide because we were having so much fun. I want to feel that sort of joy again.

Anyway I'm unwell because when he left I fell asleep on the floor in a ball but not like a normal feaotus position like just flopped. And my head really hurt.

We watched a really cool film about pills.

Oh I watched the Brit Awards and omg fucking Rod Stewarts performance was dry. My head hurts so much apparently I've got Orangina Virus, poor me. Dave's performance was so deep, like wow really special. Powerful actually. In fact I ended up listening to Psychodrama; I like it.

Ughh guys I need a detox, I'm on medication which means I cant drink for a month. Yawn.

Omg guys I drank way too much

Tom Brennnan

I went with hermit crab to a concert in Sherpards Bush. It was really chilled out. I didn't know the artist at all but no it was really good. Nice evening actually. had a few G&T cans, (you know the ones Dianne Abbott likes?) and just vibed out.
Hiding our spots.
In my whip.

  After we went to spoons, which Hermit crab and I decided was for like the upper class (who fucking says Upper Class, I couldn't find a good word) because it had like a book case which at the time I perceived to be real but now I’m not so sure.
 Had a Macdonalds.

Omg guys I’m Babysitting and I just knew there would be a mouse in my life today and I just saw one in their house and I’m low-key freaked out. I’m just banging the arm of the sofa like a retard. It was just like chilling under the kitchen table. I’m really freaked out, I’m squeamish about shit like that. I knew a mouse would appear in my life today. I honestly think it’s a bad omen like it’s a warning. 

Anyway guys it was nice chatting with you!

Love you lots x

Guys aw I got back from work today and I had received a Valentines parcel from my French sister. She sent me a dress and some facemasks. The dress is a beautiful bias cut spotty number. It's quite similar to the dress I wore for graduation but this is a bit less dressy so more wearable; I'm thinking ballet flats and baguette.

 She is dotty.
Its actually soo flattering especially on the side profile.

Anyway I am actually off now to have a face mask xx

Monday, 17 February 2020

I Miss My Tail

Heyyy x
Ahh I hope this is going to be a good post because the last one was a bit shabby but its like meh fuck it I will post it anyway.

There was weirdly not an orange emoji. Ahh whatever. Anyway when I was hungover the other day I was thinking how peng orange juice is. So I was thinking of going to like Sicily or Italy or wherever oranges come from and just like pick an orange off the tree and eat it. Like the advert above. I feel like I could also wear these outfits. They would look super cute when I go to the market in the cobblestone town.

I'm very late. I have really got into Mac Miller recently. My sister sent me a link to this documentary about him and aww so sad. Anyway I have got into his music very late.

 I sat on this bench in the park and listened to this really adorable song.
 I'm so happy these people are in my life they really make it worth living.
Awww so cute. Yeah cute night actually. There was a bit of a scrap which was exciting to watch. Classic end to the night; just telling racist jokes and chatting shit.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

L'amour Fou: Valentines Day Celebrations

Oh hey x
So guys valentines day coming up. I know people are very cynical of valentines day. Is that a red flag I don't know? Anyway guys I think its sort of cute like treat yourself, treat others blah blah blah. Spread the love. Sometimes its just nice to have fun. Any excuse for a pardy.

I really hope people get that I am being ironically cheesy. Anyway I logged into my canva account and I just noticed that my username is called 'Ruby Pashmina'. I just thought that was funny anyway be quiet now Ruby. Yeah this is ironic. I dislike this but I thought it would be funny to put them in. Calligraphy font makes me vomit. 

I gave Molly her Selenite and she loved it. Awww.  I put some naff hearts in the bag. I also posted my sisters valentine present to france. If you want to know what I got her check out this post x
 Yeah I made some cute biscuits. And yeah I also love animals so they are vegan.

Lonely bun bun.

I had some plans for valentines day but there are some people in our lives who don't deserve a biscuit in a shape of a bunny so yeah as a result their bunny gets eaten. I'm in Paris with them. I will be pulling out a sexy number whether I'm on my own or not. 

I dislike valentines day ughh. Fuck sake. Anyway guys sending you lots of luvv. I'll post what I end up doing.
Happy hippo x

Edit: Yeah so I'm quite particular in the way I write my blog and anyway I was thinking about this story and decided to add it here because it just fits.

This photo captures Princess Diana when she visited the Taj Mahal while in India. Its just such a cute but sad photo because she's alone. The Taj Mahal was built as a tomb for like an emporer's wife. Its actually such a special story (here is the Wikipedia page).

Aww it just makes me soo fucking sad. She honestly looks so deflated.

Anyway I was watching a Louboutin Documentary and he was speaking about it and how this inspired him to design these shoes.

So yeah cute story.. I did a terrible job of explaining it ugh.

Anyway guys love you lots x

He was looking for me under a glass of water

Oh hey x
I need to get back in a regular schedule for blogging, I did actually have one, I would post about my week and then my weekend and other shit in between anyway. So yeah just been up to random shit. I have been offered places at university, so that's cool. I have been feeling so stressed about the future. Like wow so many things I wont be able to achieve in my life. I just need to do some shit.

Deep. Basically I was watching a youtube video of a 'influencer' who basically moved from the UK to Los Angeles. So basically she was opening up about how hard it has been anyway someone posted in the YouTube comments that it reminded them of the Bell Jar and omg so true. Anyway thought that was interesting and made me want to read it again. 

So I saw this photo the other day and its like of my friend. Anyway I was like 'wow' like this makes me feel so many emotions like it is art. I saw it as a poster. I am thinking bigger, I might rent a billboard to display this. Or like a massive banner on an overpass.

I've been brainstorming a few ideas for blog posts and just ideas of shit to do unrelated to blogging. I still want a quad bike.

I've just been reading this. Its actually so bad but I want to be their friends.

Oh so my friend recommended don't fuck with cats. Yeah it was actually quite good. Yeah gripping actually. So yeah you are going to watch that. 

I have such an addiction to watching Gossip Girl montages. Its so fucking cringy but I love them. Tbh I am sort of the person that would make these. Also them 'Aesthetic Memes'. I don't know maybe I should pursue my passion. I didn't even like the show. Ugh anyway.Yeah guys maybe I might surprise you with some 'Aesthetic Memes' because the ones I see aren't that good. 

 Omg my Iphone broke at the weekend and basically it was sending really dodgy messages to people. The awkward thing is that people were trying to decipher it. Like ugh that wasn't actually me, I wasn't drunk. Omg I went out that evening with the bf and I kicked my shoe in the road and it nearly got ran over by a bus. I think possibly from an outsider perspective it looked bad, like I was pushing someone in front of traffic. Anyway cool night of just dancing. I also saw the new Harley Quinn film which was so adorable. yeah cute night. 

Anyway guys I've just been chilling out and brunching. I went to Yoga in the morning so yeah just thought I would put that out there. I'm a sophisticated bitch that does yoga in the morning. Yep. This brunch place was pretty nice, I should go back for cocktails in the evening with the girls as its really aesthetic. Not my photo obvs though I'm terrible at taking pics.

Anyway ugh this was such a boring post. I have got some good posts coming up I just need to get my act together.

Love you
Happy Hippo x

Saturday, 8 February 2020

Glastonbury Day 3

Oh hey x
I had such a boring day I had a lye in and then hopped on the bus to Bristol. I'm not someone to take chances in life so I basically arrived 4 hours early but then had to sit in Bristol Coach Station for ages. Oh well you live and you learn. Anyway guys I was chilling on the bottom deck pretty much just went to sleep woke up and was in London. So yeah really chill. I actually had such a nice hols. I'm feeling really zen.

Dem Boy Pagan
Oh guys so as requested here is my haul from Glastonbury...

Wolf Berries (long explanation): So I was watching the news on Wednesday and they were interviewing someone who owned a Chinese shop in Bristol and how the corona virus had effected their business. Anyway I passed a Chinese shop while I was walking through Bristol and I thought it was the same one so of course I went in and brought something. I love Goji berries and these looked very similar, the woman in the shop suggested I have them in my green tea or eat them just like goji berries but to rinse them first. So yeah very excited to eat them.

Spell Candles: Guys this was such a stupid purchase but the woman in the shop was soo sweet. Anyway guys I got the confidence ones, it was a toss up between that and 'success' but the woman in the shop said like how can you be successful if you're not confident. I thought I would give it a try.


Selenite for Galentines: I brought the Selenite for my friend for Valentines day. This actually has such a nice presence. It's actually really gorgeous. It's like meant to protect and give good luck.

Chakra Bracelet: I got this chakra bracelet for my sister. I can't wait to post it off to her.

Valentines Present: I got this really cute Rose Quartz for the bf. He needs more love. I hope he likes this.

Dragonfly: I got this really adorable dragonfly for my sister (yes two presents because she special) and this is honestly so sweet. I feel like this was very intuitive like I saw it and I was like 'agnes'. Anyway it has a string hole so I was thinking of doing something with it. I just haven't decided.

Anyway guys I am off. I'm going to have to light some confident candles because I have a blog series I'm planning but I'm too scared to post it because I'm worry I cant articulate myself properly or people wont get it. But fuck them.

Love you guys x

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Glastonbury Day 2

Oh hey guys x
I had actually quite a fun day. Yeah I walked up the Tor this morning. I stopped off at a bakery before hand to get a flap jack and a vegan pasty.

The Tor
Anyway I was up the Tor in not long at all. In fact I was surprised it didn’t take too long.

This was such a cute shrine I passed on my walk unfortunatley the temple was closed.

Yeah really flattering photo of me enjoying a pasty.

Yummy was played once I got up the top.

I nearly got shat on by a bird when taking this.

I was actually creasing because there was a Chinese tourist with a suitcase at the top.

Challice Well

After that I went to The Chalice Well and Gardens. It’s like supposedly where the holy grail is buried... whatever that means. Anyway it is super cute. But guys omg there were loads of people hugging trees. Not joking 4 people were hugging trees at one point. It was really weird. 

Anyway further up the garden you could drink the water which I may have had too much of because I felt a bit sick the rest of the day. It was sooo zen and yeah I actually feel a bit heeled by the water.


After that it was only like 12:00 so I went back to my hotel for a cup of tea. I considered going Clarkes Outlet Village in the afternoon but couldn't be bothered to get a bus. I decided to go out for lunch; I went to a health food shop and got a potatoe salad and frittata which I ate on a bench on the highstreets. I then went to some weird crystal shops and picked up a few bits.

Glastonbury Abbey

After I went to Glastonbury abbey. Tbh I could have skipped this it was £7 to see a building without a roof. Nahh it was actually cute. Interesting actually.
Monk Chic

These were little paint pallettes which (I think) were found when they were sort of doing excavating the abbey, they're little oyster shells with pigment still in. Aww so cute.

Anyway ugh I'm so knackered I went to the pub after for a few drinks, chilled at the hotel and then planned to go out again to eat at a restaurant. Omg nowhere was open again so I went back to the Healthfood shop and got some bits and had them on a bench on the Highstreet. Then went back to the pub haha. And yeah that was my evening. 

Anyway guys this was so boring
love you lots x