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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

My Recent Autumn Crafts

Hey guys,

I am back. I think this is a nice little autumnal blogpost. Sooo, part of my blog remit is to inspire people to craft, so I really hope you take away some ideas. I will link to some tutorials. Although, I did the first two of these crafts at a free activity club I attend so I cannot take credit for the ideas.

Macramé Feather Keyring

I made this cute macramé feather keyrings a few weeks back. Yeah this was a really fun craft, I haven’t found a place to put it yet. I would love to make a macramé belt at some point, however I would never wear a macramé belt. Anyway, here is the tutorial we used to make this.

Origami Butterfly Garland

So, I made this butterfly garland at craft club. We used card instead of paper, which makes it harder to fold but it does have a bit more durability than using paper. In the last step I superglued the triangle to the body just because it was not really staying. We then threaded some string through the butterfly. Here is the tutorial x I love making bunting and garlands.

Sorry I always post in the evenings and by that point it is always really hard to get a good photo. Let me assure you that they look really cute in person. 

Cross Stitch Card

I made this cute fat kitty cross stitch, and I decided to mount it on a greetings card. The pattern for the fat kitten was like in a kit that I got a month ago. Anyway, I stuck the cross stitch onto the card. I know you can get special cross stitch cards where there is a cut out but like, I couldn’t be bothered going out and buying some. Keeping the colour scheme neutral, I made two little white bows for the corners. I have linked a tutorial for how to make the bows because little bows improve nearly everything.

Anyway, I really hope you have enjoyed this blogpost!

Au revoir x

Monday, 25 October 2021

What I got up to in London + witch vibes outfit

 Heyy x

Hope you had a lovely...

I am so sorry it has been a while. It’s just been totally busy with university work and extra-curriculum things. I planning maybe to post a few days this week which i am so happy about because I was totally excited for my little Halloween series.

Anyway I was back in London for a weekend because my sister was home for the week. I got home on fri afternoon. Guyyys I was gifted a few presents which I will show you at the end of this blogpost!

My sister and I customised her Instant Camera with stickers. I really wanted to take some more craft stuff back to Cardiff so I sorted through that. We went to Greenwich in the evening for noodles. Yeah it’s always so pretty there in the evening. When we got home, we watched Have I Got News For You.

The next day we took the train to Green Park. We got an Itsu at the top of Bond Street and just sort of looked round the shops. It was very busy in town actually. Ugh ugh I think we might be heading for another lockdown- or a fire break or whatever they call it. We slowly started walking to Covent Garden and then went for a hot choc. Yeah it was a really chill day.

When we got home we watched the Sopranos and had some nibbles.

On Sunday. I woke up totally late. We went to the local high street and went for coffee and cake at a really cute plant shop. I had a really delicious froffy chai tea with a unicorn poop and a Oreo Cake.

My sister looked round the pound shops because she is doing some Halloween Make up on some people as part of her job. We went to the charity shop where we got a Missoni Scarf and a Halloween dress for myself.
I packed lots of the Halloween decorations we had at home to take back with me. I cannot wait to put them up sometime this week. My mums pumpkin display is so cute.

Then I got the coach back to Cardiff which was painfully boring and also actually painful- the seats were so uncomfortable.

Anyway, I really hope to chat to you soon. Sorry if this was a bit of a boring post.

Ciao x

New Outfit
I did end up acquiring a new outfit, which I am going to modify for Halloween as a witch outfit.

My mum gifted me a Kate Spade bag which she picked up from a market when she went to France. Unfortunately it doesn't fit my phone, it does have the option to turn it into a clutch bag, so I could do that and just have it as a wallet or a make up bag for going inside a larger bag. My sister saw this Sandro dress in a charity shop in Crystal Palace and I ended up getting it. It has a very flattering lace cut out top part. It fits me really nicely even though it should be way too small for me. I will insert a picture once I wear it x
I also picked up some loafers from Office. These are a bit of a different purchase for me actually but I thought with a pair of jeans or like a really elegant dress they could look really rock chic. Hopefully they do not end up looking too librarian chic. They were on sale for a very good price. My mum also had purchased some astrology printed tights for me while she was away. I thought I could also wear them for my witch outfit. She also found me a thin black alice band, which I thought I could make a little witch hat to put on it- I am so hoping I get time to do it.

So yes that is all. I hope you have a lovely week xx

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

What I Brought with My First Paycheck and a random rant about cardigans

 Hey lovelies,

I thought it would be fun to show you what I brought with my pay check. I work at a nightclub sometimes on a bar. Anyway, I purchased some eco friendly utility room things, which I was planning to review after I use it for a few months. There is already a bit of a disaster with that lol, honestly I have never had so much grief over a soap dish. So today I would show you a couple of things I picked up. I also thought I would give you some tips for buying cardigans, which sounds really random but for some reason I just have some stuff to say on the matter. 

So I had been gifted a voucher for boots for my birthday and I thought I would treat myself to something indulgent. I was watching a perfume review from a Channel I really like for their interesting fashion commentaries. Anyway the man gave a really positive and fun review of Poison by Dior. So I thought I would try it next time I was at the shops. Anyway I liked the ‘girly’ version of it which smells very spirited.

It was a bit awks because the woman in the shop was really doing the hard sell for Miss Dior and Sauvage. Miss Dior is totally pretty but like… for summer. I think Poison Girl will be my go to winter scent. Omg and the hard sell of Sauvage for my ‘boyfriend’. No boyfriend hon… I am an independent woman.
I got out of my pyjamas to try this on, so I look a bit dishevelled. 

Anyway, I didn’t even buy this with my pay check. I got this really cute cardigan a month ago from TKmaxx. It’s like 100% wool. Moths back off!! It’s brown with like a trim around the collar and hem. I think it is such a versatile piece because it looks really cute with the buttons undone. It looks cute with it done up with like a Lacy top underneath. Or just as like a top with just a bra underneath, and you can do the buttons how you fancy. So yeah I have got so much wear out of it.

I guess what I am trying to say is that a lot of cardigans these days are designed to be worn as solely tops. They can’t be worn as coverups over tops. And I think something I want to talk about in another blogpost is clothes shopping habits that keep us buying more clothes- they don’t resolve the actual problems of your wardrobe. I think cardigan tops are definitely one of them items you should limit yourself from buying too many. 

Okay, See you soon. I really apologise that I didn't post on Friday and Monday. I have been soo poorly. I am feeling better, only a little. 

Love Happy Hippo x

Monday, 4 October 2021

What I Got Up To in Freshers! 2021

 Hey lovelies,

I thought it would be fun to tell you what I got up to in Freshers. I tried to sign myself up for loads of shifts, for my University, to keep me occupied. I did a guided walk (as in I was the tour guide) around Cardiff for new University Students- omd it did not go well. It wasn't good. It wasn't a someone got hit by a car sort of bad, but it still wasn't great. 

Castle Trip

I went on a university trip to a castle, which was really lovely. We had a tour around the castle, which was very interesting. There were some beautiful rooms, we got showed like the smoking rooms, nursery and rooftop courtyard. The tour guide insisted that we had our photo in the library because we are like English lit and language students. Afterwards I went to the pub with the lovely girls in my group. Yeah it was a really cute day out.

Ignore my terrible photos. I thought this rooftop garden looked so cool. Imagine having a garden party here?

Pasta Recipe

Lidl was selling trofie shaped pasta in the middle aisle, which is actually one of my favourite pasta shapes. Let me know what your favourite pasta shapes are! Anyway and I wanted to make something special with it, something that was quite fresh tasting because we had some quite warm days in the past few weeks (unfortunately now it has been raining the last few days). 

Anyway, I found this recipe on the Waitrose website and it is really good. It calls you to bake a goats cheese, you can actually just leave that out and put grated parmesan on top.  I would also recommend if you are in Lidl to pick up some trofie shaped pasta if you have never tried it.


On Friday I was volunteering for the student union and assisting a welshcake making lesson. I also had a little go at making welshcakes. It was really fun. Hopefully everyone else had fun too. They were pretty easy to make- I sort of want to try making savoury welshcakes with like leak in them. Afterwards I popped to the freshers fair and then I headed into town for some lunch. 

I went to a Hare Krishna restaurant called Atma Lounge, on one of the highstreets. They were so friendly and sweet. The food is very affordable, my meal came to £5 and the lassi was free because I saw a freshers deal on their Instagram page.

Chinese Calligraphy

On Sat, I had like a Chinese calligraphy lesson which is sort of fun. I ordered the supplies online. I have a confession, I didn't really pay attention when I was buying the supplies and I did not notice that the brushes were made of WOLF FUR. If I saw that I do not think I would have brought them. Anyway, the lesson was really fun and I am totally excited for the next lessons.

I was working in the university nightclub on Saturday evening checking tickets. It was so tragic because so many people had been sold fake tickets. We had a few victims of fomo. Then I just had a very lazy Sunday.

Anyway guys. I am hoping to have two blogposts out every week for Halloween this month. So yeah, let me know if there are any Halloween themed blogposts you want to read. I have a couple of ideas. 

See you x

Friday, 1 October 2021

10 Fashion Documentaries Worst to Best xx

Hey lovelies x

I have ranked 10 Fashion Documentaries worst to best. I really love watching fashion documentaries. I have not watched all the fashion documentaries out there, so please let me know of any that are good and not on my list. Let me know if you disagree as well. Obviously, no offence to the people who the bad documentaries are about; I am sure they are fab, but their documentary did not give them justice. I think I am fine, as I suspect they aren’t reading. This blogpost also marks the start of my Halloween series; what the link is- I don’t know.

The First Monday in May (2016)

10. Ugh this is sort of interesting because this documentary is probably a lot like the one that is the top of my list. This documentary is about the 2015 Met Gala. I just do not care about the Met Gala. I also do not think this documentary demystifies the MET Gala. I just did not care for it.


Wonder Boy (2019)

9. I spoke about how I watched this, several blogposts ago. This just wasn’t it. This documentary is about the creative director of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing. It is a shame because he seemed interesting and I think if it was edited better, it could be further up my list. Olivier's adoption story was interesting. However, it would have been nice to have insight into his creative processes and maybe more about how he became the designer of Balmain and also it would be nice to know more about Balmain. I needed more!


Iris (2014)

8. This documentary is about a businesswoman and fashion icon I guess, called Iris Apfel. She is sort of eccentric ect. I watched this a while ago (probably in 2014) and it did not leave a massive impression on me. However, she is like 100 years old and so I am sure she is interesting. The reason it is quite low on my list is because I do not like collecting- it makes me feel quite stressed. There is a lot of collecting in this documentary- as I said she is quite an eccentric person. Yeah. I think maybe I need to watch it again.

Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards (2017)

7. I watched this when it first came out. I think it was on Netflix at the time. It follows the footware designer Manolo Blahnik. Again, I cannot really remember this. But I do remember finding his creative process interesting- he does the most beautiful sketches of his shoe designs.

Image Source: Manolo Blahnik

Bill Cunningham New York (2010)

6. Bill Cunningham is a fashion photographer and journalist, who passed away in 2016. This was a good documentary. He was sort of an enigmatic person, he lived a very like humble life. He lived in a very modest studio in New York. Yeah it is interesting. Yeah good documentary.

Casablancas: The Man Who Loved Women (2016)

5.I watched this the other day. I thought it was really fun; it was pure fomo and escapism. It follows John Casablancas who set up the modelling agency, Elite Models. It is quite interesting to learn about the modelling industry. It is quite an aesthetic documentary.


Franca: Chaos and Creation (2016)

4. This follows the Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani. This is a really good documentary. It captures her spirit and creativity. She sadly passed away shortly after this documentary was released; it is very sweet because it was directed by her son. It is very inspiring.

Image Source: IMDB

Dior and I (2014)

3. I love this documentary. It follows the creation of Raf Simmons first collection for Dior. It really makes you fall in love with Raf. I also loved the tension between Raf Simmons and Pieter Mulier (I think it is him who I am thinking of). I watched this at the cinema when it first came out. It was interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes of a fashion collection- especially the fabric ateliers. Yeah I rate this highly.

McQueen (2018)

2. This is a retrospective documentary of Alexander Mcqueen who passed away in 2010. He is so interesting- his creative energy is so inspiring. He very loved and adored. The influences of his fashion designs are so deep and interesting- very artistic. He was so talented.

Image Source: Wikipedia

The September Issue (2009)

1.      1. It follows the editor of Vogue, Anna Wintour as she creates the 2007 September issue of Vogue. I have watched this so many times as it is a family favourite. I love the people in it, they are just so outrageous and fun. There is so much tension. I think it would definitely be enjoyed by someone who doesn’t really have an interest in fashion. The people Anna works with are so inspiring and ambitious.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that. I should be back with you soon with a little blogpost about what I got up to in Freshers week.

Friday, 24 September 2021

Pre- Uni Pamper Evening and I NEED ADVICE pls

 Hey sweeties,

I am starting University next week which I am sort of looking forward to. I sort of just want to start now; I feel like I have been waiting for ages. Meanwhile I have been doing some volunteering  and I have started to read my reading books. I have already read Frankenstein, which was sort of good- I sort of just rushed through it because I wanted to read as many books as I could before term started. I am halfway through The Mysteries of Udolpho which is so long (around 700 pages) but I am enjoying it. I just need to pick up the pace.

Someone who I was volunteering with said that if someone has this plant (Pampas grass) in their garden, it indicates that they are swingers.

Negative Tangent: However, ugh I am feeling really apprehensive about next term because the majority of it will still be online and I just find that so disheartening. It is so annoying though because I so want to get off to a positive start because I really enjoy my course and I want to do really well at it. How do you stay positive? I do not want to feel resentment because, you know, it does seem unfair that clubs are open and yet we cannot go back to normal learning. So yeah please give me advice on how to stay positive. It has been really hard not to spiral into despair. Advice NEEDED. I feel like part of it is just nerves and worry. If you know me, you will know that I love going on courses and trying new things, so I am very happy that things are opening up again. I just signed up for a Chinese calligraphy course.

Pre Uni Pamper Evening

Anyway, I have been doing some really fun things while I have been waiting for my course to start. I had a pamper evening with some friends before we went clubbing. Yeah it was cute. We went to the student clubnight. Yeah we were having a good evening and then someone said that they knew somewhere better- which is nearly always going to lead to a disappointing evening. We then queued up outside a club for an over 45 minutes and then when we got to the front they didn't have their ID. Ugh classic/. But yeah it was still a fun evening.

I laid out some food for our pre drinks. I had melon with feta cheese on top and then bruschetta. There are a couple of plates out of view- olives and cold pasta salad. The drink is a very easy Apple Prosecco Cocktail which I got off of BBC GoodFood.

Then we had a facemask that we had got from Lush. And yeah we had a nice chitchat. We looked like smurfs. Anyway, I hope you liked this blogpost and that you have a nice weekend! Please give me advice. I hate being negative but I have just been feeling so down about it, honestly. It can be so hard to admit something like that. See you next Friday!

Lots of love,

Ruby x

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Catch Up: Pick Up The Bed

A friend of mine thinks it is so strange that I use the phrase 'pick up'. For example 'could you pick up the bed' or 'I am going to pick up the kitchen'. I get such a blank stare whenever I say this. 


The house I am living in this year has a cute garden. It is quite a good size for like garden parties and sunbathing. Anyway, I thought I would get some plants for the garden just to add a bit of colour and make it look quaint. For the moment I just have some petunias growing and also a basil that I re-potted from a supermarket. I wouldn’t mind buying some snowdrop bulbs because snowdrops are really adorable, they were selling snowdrop bulbs in B&M. I also purchased some spring tulip bulbs.

I brought the two glazed pots from TKmaxx. I think they look quite cute together. The two metal pots I brought from Poundland. I really like the colours of the Poundland ones; the terracotta colour wasn’t as popular as the sage one, but I prefer it. TKMaxx also had some glazed pots which were a fair price because they can be expensive. But yeah, I will let you know how my gardening goes. I think with most hobbies its nice to have like friends who are doing it at the same time because you can confer notes and share ideas. I have a couple of friends that are getting into it as well. We have been sharing bulbs and plants which is cute.

My Sisters Birthday Top

Ages ago I wrote a blogpost telling you my sewing plans. One of my plans was to make a top from a pattern book that I own. The pattern was a high neck halter top with low back. I found some gingham at home, and I thought it would make a cute birthday gift for my sister. She has a white denim skirt that would go perfectly with it. I am so pleased because she likes it. She had a lovely birthday too.

Cardiff Bay

I went to Cardiff Bay one night a week ago with a friend. We went to an Italian restaurant which was really yummy. I had some cocktails and also, bruschetta, olives and stuffed ricotta pasta. It was cute and we also had a view of the bay (well sort of-it was dark). Afterwards we went on the ferris wheel which was super cute. I really fancy going back to the Norwegian church in the bay; I think that will be a cute thing to do in winter. I am trying to think of some nice wintery things to do.

Bute Park

I didn’t know what to subheading this I went to Bute Park with a friend of mine which was so nice. We got a cup of tea from a café on the corner of the castle, but we decided to go for something a bit different; we went for Lapsang Souchong which is like a smoked black tea. Anyway, it was really ambient. A couple of days after I went shopping with another friend and I got some teabags of smoked Russian Caravan tea from one of the arcades. I know I am going to be drinking this all of autumn 😊

My friend who is vegetarian recommended me this vegetarian pate in a tube, so I am really excited about trying it. Also we went to lush because we are planning a pamper night. Yeah it was really cute shopping outing.

I am so excited to be back in Cardiff. yeah I have just been chilling out and catching up with friends. Yeah I am looking forward to the next few weeks.

Best wishes x